Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Well what a fantastic couple of weeks it has been, action packed. Full of ringing, birds, wildlife, meeting new people and getting them to build and take away a bird box for National Nestbox Week, oh and the best bit.......Getting the Information Assistant job for Malham Cove.

     This is the stall we had with the RSPB, i was volunteering with them this week, encouraging people of all ages to build and take away a bird box, getting it up in time for the breeding season. We managed to build 25 boxes that day, hopefully inspiring people to do more for giving nature a home.

Middleton Park, Leeds

In process of building all the boxes

Male Siskin
 While building the boxes i decided to set a few traps, it was fantastic to get a good selection including robin, Greenfinch and this fine specimen of a Male Siskin along with a female, fingers crossed these travel far and wide.

Can anyone guess what this is...... Yes its the stunning colors underneath the                                                tail of a nuthatch, we have now caught 2 of of them at a new sight while trying              to target Marsh and Willow Tits but no no success yet.

A good day out Yesterday produced a fantastic array of wildlife and finds. We went out specially to find the elusive Lesser spotted woodpecker...... in the first wood no such look but look what we tripped over.... a fantastic single male Roe deer Antler. We also managed to find 2 possible Buzzard nests and one with fresh greenery on.......exciting times. When the sun came out we had plenty of bird sounds with GSWP, tree creepers and and loads of tit species. 3 Badger setts looking like they are well used.

Highlight of the week is getting the job at Malham Cove with the RSPB and YDNPA for the 2014 Peregrine Falcon Viewpoint, Starts on 5 April till 4 August, Saturday to Wednesday 1030 till 1630.
so yes you will have to put up with my ugly mug up there all summer

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

2013 was a cracking year for me, one of the best I have ever had. I decided it was time that I should change my career, still having to remind myself that now I'm unemployed but hey ho rough with the smooth and all that jazz.
I quick my job as a green keeper and was lucky enough to secure a job with the RSPB at Malham Cove on the Peregrine Viewpoint ,https://www.facebook.com/groups/21441580727/ , this was incredible watching the peregrines breed there producing 3chicks, along with everything else that lives, breeds and passes through there

A brief over view of the last couple of years ringing

Well well this seems i have found how to write on a blog. who would have guessed it.
Over the past few years I have taken up the BTO survey of Ringing after watching it on the BBC springwatch program ....happy days to come with all them birdies

Luckily I  was introduced to a cracking bloke called Andy Jowett and he foolishly took me on.

Well in them 4 years we have done everything from a blue tit right up to the stunning red kite chicks

Ive met some cracking people along the way in only that short space of time, including a bloke some of you may know called erm......Kane brides, who kindly let me come over to the wrong side of the pennines, i did need my injections for that :)

He then thought it would be a great idea to invite me on the trip to Iceland  monitoring of whooper swans at their breeding grounds, what an amazing week that was, mixing with the locals and getting cold and wet fighting off the white turkeys

well ill leave you with this one while i start a new one for people to read
cheers and bye for now

New to this game but lets see what fun we can have with all the bird ringing and things